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Inspired by Princess Kyniska, who was the daughter of the King of Sparta Archidamos and the only female Olympic champion in 396 and 392 BC, the new hotel PRINCESS KYNISKA SUITES stands discreetly on the bay of Plytra, near Monemvasia, Lakonia. In an unspoilt, remote, genuine and majestic Greek landscape, reminiscent island, dominated by the blue sea and beautiful mountains, the PRINCESS KYNISKA SUITES promises, apart from the spectacular panoramic view, dreamy relaxing holidays in a peaceful environment harmoniously tied to the unique scenery and nature. Hospitality, the key feature of Greece, is that you will find in PRINCESS KYNISKA SUITES, since all guests are unique and distinguished. The high quality distinguishes all services which are provided with authentic hearty smile and unique purpose your convenience and enjoyment. Starting point for unique excursions to Monemvasia, Mani, Mystras, Mount Taygetos and many more attractions generously offered by the Pelop’s island, PRINCESS KYNISKA SUITES will steal your heart and will forever captivate your senses