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A traditional Hotel in Mani, Greece The natural beauty of steeple rocks, caves and canyons in a tight embrace with the culture of Lakonia, Peloponnese contributes to the distinct traditional scenery of Aeropolis, Mani. In the historic heart of this amazing part of Greece Kastro Mainis traditional apartments, Mani offer unique hospitality for couples and family any time of the year. Quality Living Hotel in Lakonia Kastro Maini is a stone built Hotel in Areopolis, Mani which honors the traditional architectural style of Aeropolis, Greece and the visitors anticipations. In this traditional accommodation in Mani the quality services and the warm family atmosphere promise unforgettable memories from Peloponnese, Greece. Comfort and safety are of first priority in this Hotel in Areopolis, Mani. Kastro Maini ensures a relaxing stay for the family and for couples in a clear environment with luxury facilities in the pool area. Traditional apartments Mani Manis vivid history combined with the traditional character of this Hotel in Areopolis, Mani has turned Kastro Maini Hotel into a romantic place for couples and an exceptional destination for people of all ages. This Hotel in Areopolis, Mani is designed with respect to the bravery history of Mani, giving visitors the opportunity to revive stories and legends of the past. Most of the visitors are happy to come back and stay again in these traditional apartments, Mani and theres a reason for that. This ideally located traditional hotel in Lakonia is a vivid proof of what is known as Manis hospitality.