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Arriving at Kalathas -a 10-minute drive from Ioannis Daskalogiannis Airport and a 15-minute drive from the city of Chania- you will find Creta Vitalis: a peaceful 40-room destination that spreads over 10 acres, with a Mediterranean garden, a swimming pool, and a great sea view -a key advantage is its proximity to the sea, which is only 500 meters away! Creta Vitalis is -in a way- a child of the Tzanakakis family because for more than three decades now, hospitality is the fifth member of the family. All five of us, we make sure that each of our visitors will make the most of the time they will spend in this blessed by God corner of the earth. It is an authentic, heartfelt, genuine experience, which they can explore on their own or ask for our input or suggestion. To see, to taste, to learn, to live. And eventually, return. We will look forward to it. As we said, we are a family... There is a place that is close enough to feel the pulse of such a vibrant city like Chania, and at the same time so far away that you can enjoy the idyllic Cretan natural landscape: this place is Kalathas. At the eastern end of the bay of Chania, in a discreet location on the west side of the Akrotiri peninsula, Kalathas is the ideal scenery for serene and relaxing holidays: golden sand, turquoise, shallow waters - it’s a Blue Flag beach - tamarisk trees, and small taverns. Although it’s an organized beach, its size and layout will make you feel comfortable and safe, even if you do not choose to use one of the existing sunbeds or umbrellas. Unless you are a water sports or diving fan: in this case, you can spend more time in the sea - or choose to swim to the nearby islet, right in the center of the bay. A walk through the picturesque narrow streets and sidewalks of the old town of Chania will give you the best picture of the mosaic of peoples and cultures that -enchanted by this place- came here, either as residents or as conquerors. The Venetian lighthouse at the port’s entrance, the Ottoman Yali Mosque, the Russian church of St. Magdalene;every monument is unique, and at the same time, part of the city’s character. This character makes every corner of this town outstanding and welcomes the visitor even from the very first step. But Chania is much more than history and architecture. The vibrant market, tastes, fun, and atmosphere are all part of a city with a four millennia history and a destination with a fascinating present! Thanks to its size and variety of destinations, Crete is full of exploration opportunities, limited only by the visitor’s available time. In the broader area of Kalathas, there are several locations with distinct natural beauty and cultural interest: the lake and the secluded beach of Machairida - named either after the nearby cape that resembles a knife (Machairi in Greek) or the knife flower (Gladiolus italicus) that thrives in Crete. Just 15 km away from Kalathas, on the other side of the Akrotiri peninsula, you can find the enchanting Seitan Limania beach! The tower of Mouzouras, a three-storey construction dated back to the Venetian Era or the early Ottoman period that belongs to the Giannakakis family, which has taken care of its restoration and use it as a residence-museum. The monastery of Holy Trinity or Tzagarolon, an impressive example of the Venetian presence on the island, known during the Ottoman period as the cypress monastery and well-known worldwide today thanks to the excellent quality olive oil and wine it produces. The Gouverneto monastery - also known as Our Lady of the Angels - is one of Crete’s oldest monasteries, with a monumental character and a strict beauty, both part of its aesthetics. And of course, many more landmarks…