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Descrierea hotelului

Agrikies is a guest house located in Marathopolis village in Peloponnese, Greece, and its structure is between a country house and a small luxury resort. Positioned amphitheatrically to the sea, it is situated in the middle of a 12.5-hectare olive grove. The olive trees and the lavenders provide a sense of quietness and bliss that will immediately make you feel home! That is why Agrikies is the ideal place for agrotourism, country retreat and family vacations, as well as honeymooners’ favourite destination.  The architecture is traditional. The buildings have been constructed with the typical stone of the region, which originates from the olive grove's subsoil. As a result, the buildings are in complete harmony with the environment. The decoration is of Mediterranean country style and most of the furniture is handmade.  Further down from the apartments - and at a safe distance from them - you can find the central swimming pool, the bar and the restaurant. The location is rural and extremely calm, while the sea is only 500m away.